Mary Lou


For the first time in a swimsuit my boobs are fully lifted and they feel so supported. It fits better and more comfortable than most of my bras even. Plus my tummy is all tucked in, and has enough coverage to fit right under my bum, which is just how I like it. It's so great how it takes the pressure away from my neck, and I love the wider, comfy arm straps that actually don't dig in or fall off. Until now, I didn't really like to stay in a swimsuit for very long, or even get into one in the first place, but having a Phibii swimsuit has changed things for me. 



This is what I've been looking for, for ages. I just couldn't find a swimsuit that was comfortable and supportive enough for when I play with my dog down the beach and do my daily beach walks. So I just had to wear my gym clothes instead, then have to change into my swimsuit afterwards, which was always a pain. Not now. Phibii has sorted this problem out for me. Awesome!



I've now lost 5kgs and getting fitter every day. I enjoy doing workouts and swimming now. Having found the right swimwear at last, that actually supports and lifts my curvy parts, holds me in tight around the waist, is so adjustable, and feels great on, I'm telling you this has made a huge difference to me.

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