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An Active Essential… for your body, your health

This is your life, your body... and you want to feel great and look divine.

Boats, waves, activity, exercise = bounce + garment adjusting

Unique construction techniques

Phibii counters the forces of gravity and impact

Exceptional motion control

Superior support and lift for any activity

Our active swimsuits give you exceptional functionality, performance and quality.

Geared for women of all different sizes, lifestyle choices and fitness levels Swimsuits that perform the way you want them to.

Consistent forces of impact on our bodies over time does real damage, especially to the breast and surrounding tissues and posture. Water activities also present challenges for many women if all they have is a standard swimsuit.


Phibii has been specifically designed for women who tend to avoid activity or workouts, because they cannot find truly supportive clothes or swimsuits to wear.


We are excited by the prospect of encouraging more women to love exercising; to become healthier and fitter while enjoying nature. Motivating you to exercise in the most comfortable and flattering active-swim-wear.

Sport swimwear

Inject more energy, enthusiasm and confidence into your workout


Sport Support For Your Body

We understand, finding the right swimwear fit, even sports-bra can be a challenge, especially for those with larger cup sizes. 

Check out these statistics:

  • "Our research has shown that 35% of women don't think they need a sports bra", says a Berlei sports senior designer. "But the breasts move no  matter what you do - even walking does damage to the Cooper's ligament, which holds the breast. And whether you are an A cup or an E cup, once the damage is done, it's damaged forever.“
  • Elasticity of breast tissue decreases with age and this affects how the breasts move. Middle-aged women definitely need more sports bra support in their swimwear and bras
  • Australian Institute of Sport recommends females wear a sports bra at all times when being active.
  • Survey of 2000 Australian women found 84% of D+ cup sized women do not exercise because they can't find a bra that fits them    "If there is too much breast movement in exercise, you'll limit your arm swing because you're trying to brace yourself“ (Says DR Deidre McGhee from Breast Research Australia)
  • 87% of women say that comfortable, flattering active-wear actually motivates them to exercise.
  • Study from the University of Portsmouth discovered that for women aged 45 to 65, sideways movement of breasts was even more significant than vertical movement.
  • 88% of women surveyed felt self-conscious about their breasts bouncing while exercising
  • More than 50% of these women confess to avoiding exercise when their clothes aren't comfortable.
  • Wearing a good, sport-supporting swim top under a triathlon suit or wetsuit is very important, due to the high impact forces on your body. The percentage of Teens that are wearing a sports bra or crop top under their school uniform swimsuit at Inter School Swim Events, is on the rise.

 What a great reason to invest in the perfect active swimwear

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Designed by an Exercise Physiologist to help you move, play, and lounge with support and comfort

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High quality fabrics made from 78% recycled plastic from fishnets and other plastic waste

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Unrivalled swim-active-wear that honours a woman’s own uniqueness


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