Starting a Swimwear Brand

What It Took For Me To Start A Fashion Brand From Scratch. Part 1: 5 Important Things Needed.

Why would someone like to create a fashion activewear or swimwear line in the first place?

What drives one to do a 180 degree turn in life to create a new vision, when knowing little of the Fashion & Business Start-Up industries?

Making and running a business that you love and are proud of, is an exciting and fulfilling place to be. It’s what gets you up out of bed each day, it’s what feeds all the creative juices that just start flowing. We all want to be doing work that we love and that doesn’t feel like work, right?  So sharing what we already have inside of us, that we know others will want and benefit from, seems to create a happy place where it’s a win win for all of us. If we sort out a problem for the customer and they happily get what they want, then we have done our job well, plus we also benefit from this positive sale interaction, which ultimately leads to great satisfaction for us. This ‘satisfaction’ factor is the driving force for me each day.

So why was Phibii born?

Well, back to the beginning is a good place to start.

Here’s how the concept first popped into my mind…

I was training a client down the beach one summer day. Part of the training session was on the sand and the other part was in the water, so my client chose to wear her normal gym clothes for support and coverage instead of wearing a swimsuit. She didn’t have any swimwear that could do the job. And I was in a non-supportive bikini too. We voiced our need for more versatile swim garments so we could be active and healthy outdoors. And bingo, my Phibii idea exploded into my life. I needed to make Phibii swimwear. The drive to make an impact on this world, one female at a time, was something I couldn’t ignore.

I found myself thinking…

Women have a need for this.

Swimwear or active wear fashion would benefit coming from a science and health perspective. Taking into consideration a woman’s anatomy and physiology of movement would make for a much better fit, function and appearance.

I struggled for years to find swimwear that would look great on me, would cover my own shapely areas, give me good lift, and would allow me to be active around water. I found swimwear was generally not designed for my curves and love of activity in and around water.

So I figured… “how hard could it be to make my own swimwear brand that would solve my needs and those of many other women who also wanted to overcome their swimsuit struggles”.

Haha, ignorance is bliss, right?

Well it turned out it was WAY MORE involved than I thought.

If I just wanted to make another fashion bikini, it wouldn’t be too hard really… But… To reinvent swimsuits and construct them in a way where it is super important that they fit comfortably, give loads of support, and flatter the feminine body, now well this was a whole new ball game… So it turns out.

There are many garments, even by well-known brands, on the market that have poor fit and function, but I WAS determined to meet my high quality standards, and provide the best garments that I could for women.

As I’m an Exercise Physiologist by profession, in my 26 years in this business, I’ve assisted, guided and positively impacted thousands of people to move great, look great, and feel great. For years I have loved sharing my knowledge, skills and tools with others. In fact I happily answer medical health and fitness questions on the Perth radio station 6PR regularly. I’m an Amazon published Author. Have presented at a number of conference events and workshops, and have had articles published in magazines and newspapers, locally, nationally and internationally. It feels so good to share and help people.

Now I add to my repertoire, the ‘hats’ of a Fashion Designer, and a Start-Up Business Entrepreneur.

I sat down and asked myself a bunch of questions, which I had to come up with clear and compelling answers for.

I now had to add 2 new career industries to my life. And learn them from scratch all the way to proficiency.

  • Fashion Designer
  • A Start-Up Business, creating a physical product, leading towards E-Commerce.

Well it seems I had plenty of time to build these skills and knowledge, because it turned out the Factory Sourcing and Product Development stages took way longer than I ever expected. But that’s ok, because time is what was needed to develop all areas of business and my own character to be more successful when I do launch soon.

There are 5 main characteristics that are needed in a journey like this to make your big goals happen, both personally and in business.

  1. Resourcefulness
  2. Perseverance
  3. Patience
  4. Commitment
  5. Consistency

It has been said that if you just stay true to yourself and stick to these, you can make anything happen.

I have also discovered that having fun with it all, and loving the journey, the challenges and the celebrations, makes the whole thing sweeter too.

Others have told me that they’re proud of me to see all the things I’ve learned, accomplished, created, and my ability to hang in there. Aah, it feels so reassuring when people tell you stuff like that 🙂 I am so grateful to hear words like this. It reminds me and reinforces to me that I’m on the right path, and should just keep moving towards my big goals, because they have faith that I’ll get there. Yay! I love hearing this.

The road of entrepreneurship is definitely a difficult one but also is a very rewarding and exciting one. Not everyone chooses this path. I did and it’s been an incredibly interesting one. I have learnt and changed so much. It forced me to step into many areas – It lead me to research more, to study the needs of women, to connect with others in these industries who knew this stuff and could help me. This in itself has been and continues to be amazing. We can’t do it alone. The communities of incredible people out there doing, and being, and teaching, and sharing and supporting, just blows my mind. And I’m so grateful to you all. Thank you.

So the Phibii Swimwear journey continues…

I have just released my website (yippee) which I worked so thoroughly on, and now I’m taking on my next new unknown – marketing. This will help grow the brand and get me set up effectively for the Product Launch. So then I can release these gifts from me to women who will love and benefit from them.

I invite you to continue on this exciting journey with me. With Phibii. And to see how many women, including you we can positively impact along the way.

Stay tuned for the next blog…

Phibii Swimwear – Building A Fashion Brand From Scratch, Part 2

So I’ll be sharing this with you.

By the way, just in case you were wondering?

 Where did the name come from?

Phibii comes from the word am’phibi’ous. Which is all about high versatility in both water and land. These animals are full of energy, activity and life, and live in the outdoors. And saving their environment is really important to us. It was a perfect-fit name.

Pronounced as “fibbee”


Love and health to you,